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Good Manufacturing and Agricultural Practices

Good Manufacturing and Agricultural Practices (GMP’s & GAP’s)

Good Manufacturing and Agricultural Practices, as part of an overall HACCP based food safety program, are protocols and procedures designed to monitor control points and or critical control points within your operation that, if not monitored and controlled, could cause product contamination and or unsafe conditions. Purity Assurance Technologies consultants provide “hands on/on site” consulting, training and assistance with the implementation of all GMP’s and GAP’s designed specifically for your facility and or growing operation.

All areas of concern are reviewed including required facility and growing operation documentation and protocols, facility and equipment sanitation,  maintenance procedures and documentation, employee hygiene requirements and practices, product storage and temperature control, shipping and receiving protocols, pest control programs, on site security and other procedures unique to your operation.

Purity Assurance Technologies will provide and assist your personnel with specific recommendations, mitigation measures, protocols and procedures to put your organization on the “fast track” to effective food safety program design, implementation, monitoring, GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) Certification and compliance with the (FSMA) Food Safety Modernization Act.