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Microbial Air & Surface Spatial Mapping Program

Microbial Air and Surface Modeling System

Purity Assurance Technologies offers a “state of the art” service employing a “Microbial Air Profile Mapping” technology which visually identifies concentrations of airborne contaminations such as micro-organisms, mold and gases in processing, packaging, food prep and storage environments.

With this information as an integral aspect of HACCP plans, facilities can identify and quantify additional sources of cross-contamination. By eliminating these detrimental airborne vectors with the use of advanced air and surface sanitization technologies facilities can enhance their food safety systems and increase shelf life of products processed, packaged and stored.
The methodology involves mapping a 3-dimensional matrix index with coordinates of the testing area to which sampling data is detailed.

Adding the “PURITY ASSURANCE” Spatial Mapping technology to your HACCP Plan provides unparalleled information increasing your ability to monitor air and surface quality within your facility.


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