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Purity Assurance Technologies can assist you in determining which technologies can enhance your current air and surface sanitation systems.

Purity Assurance Technologies’ business model is to partner our services with companies that offer the highest quality, most innovative and efficient technologies and products available.

After researching and visiting prospective companies and technologies to partner with, we are proud to present:


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We feel this company offers the “Best in Class, State of the Art” technology for “air and surface sanitation”. Oxyion technology transforms the air in an environment from a contaminating vector to a sanitizing vector by creating  completely safe “Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)”.  This technology is chemical-free and leaves no residues and its a preventive control against bacteria, mold, viruses and VOC’s (such as ethylene).

Oxyion is a world class supplier of sustainable and chemical free technology for the food industry, with presence in North, Central and South America and Europe with over 6,000 systems in operation.

Our consultants would be proud to assist you in exploring this company’s technology and how it will benefit your commodities and enhance your operation.

Please click on company logo above to be directed to the Oxyion website for product applications and additional information,